Introducing Infonomena – high entropy analysis of tech and the global economy

We’ve launched a new Substack channel called Infonomena. Please check it out and subscribe. There’s a free option with occasional public posts, updates, and data points. But there’s lots more. We’re expanding access to our tech and economic research with weekly analytical essays and conversations with smart people in tech, finance, and policy.

From the new channel . . .

We study infonomena – the economic and cultural implications of information. 

And deliver weekly insights on silicon, mobile, crypto, A.I., robots, bio/health, and energy tech… the entrepreneurs and firms building the future… and the markets and public policies trying to keep up.

For 20-plus years, we’ve advised individual and institutional investors and tech firms, synthesizing data and trends across diverse industries and policy topics. More importantly, we’ve pointed the way to the future, helping clients make decisions in a highly uncertain world. Now we’re expanding access to our research.

With our new channel Infonomena, we deliver: 

  • occasional public posts, short updates, and data-points; 
  • a weekly analytical essay or presentation;
  • audio and video conversations with the most interesting people in science, tech, venture, finance, politics, even sports; and
  • long-form research on major tech and economic forces.

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