photoBret Swanson is president of Entropy Economics, a research firm focused on technology and the global economy. He is also a fellow at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute.

He previously was a senior fellow at The Progress & Freedom Foundation, where he directed the Center for Global Innovation, and for eight years advised technology investors as executive editor of the Gilder Technology Report.

Today, Swanson presents his “exaflood” research across the globe, writes a column for Forbes, blogs at TechPolicyDaily.com, and often contributes to the editorial page of The Wall Street Journal on topics ranging from broadband networks to China to monetary policy. Swanson is also a trustee and chairman of the Indiana Public Retirement System (INPRS) and a member of the investment committee at Indiana University Health.

Swanson studies innovation, globalization, China, Internet traffic, information theory, the stock market, and entrepreneurial economics. He is guided by the Laws of Say, Metcalfe, and Moore, the Theorem of Shannon, and the Curve of Laffer. His most pioneering and speculative research, however, concerns forces even more powerful and enigmatic – his four children.

Follow Bret on twitter: @JBSay and @entropyecon