Update: Obama’s Digital Campaign

A few days after the election, I wrote about President-elect Obama’s decentralized entrepreneurial campaign, which fully exploited the Web and trusted people at the edge. Here’s a post-election debrief from the technology team — the so-called Triple-O — that made it happen. They offer a final tally of metrics:

— two million “MyBO” Web-volunteer profiles

— 13 million e-mail addresses

— more than half a billion dollars raised online

— three million online donors gave 6.5 million donations

— average online contribution of $80

— more than 200,000 volunteer-organized offline events

As I pointed out, this innovative “capitalist” campaign clashed with many of Obama’s tax-regulate-and-centralize policy proposals. We’ll see if the new President learns anything from his successful campaign and puts it to use reigniting the economy.

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