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Flashback: “there is no inherent shortage of oil”

The energy boom is an apparent surprise to many. I don’t know why. Here’s the photo, caption, and story right now (Wednesday night) on the front page of  The Wall Street Journal :

Here was our take in 2006:

there is no inherent shortage of oil. One tiny shale formation right in America’s backyard — the 1,200 square mile Piceance Basin of western Colorado — contains a trillion barrels, more than all the proven reserves in the world. Vast open spaces across the globe remain unexplored or untapped.

Today, it’s Dakota, Texas, and Pennsylvania shale that is leading the new boom. As a few smart guys wrote, we have a “bottomless well” of energy, if only we allow ourselves to find, refine, and innovate.

Nobel Al to the Rescue

What should be first on a new President Obama’s agenda? Merely an 

emergency rescue of human civilization

That’s all.

You can already see what’s going to happen. They’re going to put up some solar panels in the Arizona desert and some windmills in North Dakota. Then, after the Sun changes cycles and we get global cooling in about 10 years — as many scientists predict — Al’s going to crow like the rooster, thinking he saved the world.