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“Googlephobia”: An Unholy Alliance

My colleague Adam Thierer with an excellent post warning of the coming war on Google:

So, here we have Wu raising the specter of search engine bias and Lessig raising the specter of Google-as-panopticon. And this comes on top of groups like EPIC and CDT calling for more regulation of the online advertising marketplace in the name of protecting privacy.  Alarm bells must be going off at the Googleplex. But we all have reason to be concerned because greater regulation of Google would mean greater regulation of the entire code / application layer of the Net.  It’s bad enough that we likely have greater regulation of the infrastructure layer on the way thanks to Net neutrality mandates. We need to work hard to contain the damage of increased calls for government to get it’s hands all over every other layer of the Net.

State Your Question

After much speculation, Google launched its mobile “talk search” using speech recognition over cell phones. Just speak your question and get an answer back in a few seconds on your phone.

“It’s important to understand that machine recognition will never be perfect,” Mr. Reddy added. “The question is, How close can they come to human performance?” For Google the technology is critical to its next assault on the world of advertising. Google executives said location-based queries would make it possible to charge higher rates for advertisements from nearby businesses, for example, although it is not selling such ads now.

ChaCha, just down the road from me in Carmel, Indiana, has been at this mobile search game for a while now and says it’s tied with Yahoo! for No. 2. My wife and kids are big users of the ChaCha service while driving in the car.