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Did Phil and Tiger lead to Akamai’s record 3.45 terabit day?

Akamai announced a record peak in traffic volume on its content delivery network on April 9.

In addition to reaching a milestone for peak traffic served this past Friday, the Akamai network also hit a new peak during the same day for video streaming, as well as a near high for total requests served.

  • With online interest in major sporting events – including professional golf and baseball – helping to drive the surge in demand, Akamai delivered its largest ever traffic for high definition video streaming.
  • Over the course of the day, Akamai logged over 500 billion requests for content, a sum equal to serving content to every human once every 20 minutes
  • At peak, Akamai supported over 12 million requests per second – a rate roughly equivalent to serving content to the entire population of the United States every 30 seconds.
The first question that popped into my mind: Was this the work of Phil, Freddie, Tiger, and Tom? Last Friday I had noted to several friends the spectacular website of The Masters golf tournament and the high quality of its live action video streams. Looks as if lots of others noticed the compelling online video experience as well.