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“HD”Tube: YouTube moves toward 1080p

YouTube is moving toward a 1080p Hi Def video capability, just as we long-predicted.

This video may be “1080p,” but the frame-rate is slow, and the video motion is thus not very smooth. George Ou estimates the bit-rate at 3.7 Mbps, which is not enough for real full-motion HD. But we’re moving quickly in that direction.


YouTube says it now serves up well over a billion videos a day — far more than previously thought.

Technologies of Freedom

In my first, lone, measly, pathetic tweet a month ago, I asked if the whole Twitter thing was a “Revolution? Time-waster? Both?”

Now we may know. The information evading the official government walls and making its way out of Iran on YouTube and Twitter may give the answer: “Revolution” — literally.

Technology: 2008 vs. 1992

See my comparison of the state of technology in 2008 versus 1992, when the last Democratic presidential transition took place. 

Today, an average consumer can buy a terabyte hard drive (1 million megabytes), on which she might store her family photos, videos and other digital documents for as little as $109.99. In 1992, a terabyte drive, if such a thing had existed, would have cost $5 million.

Go to Forbes.com for the full article: “How Techno-creativity Will Save Us.”